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Morning Brief 7/21/2024

Biden is dropping out of the presidential race. Psaki says “What’s interesting in this … is that he does not endorse the Vice President in this statement.”  See His statement and multiple clips at this link –  BIDEN DROPPED OUT – BUT DOES NOT ENDORSE KAMALA – which means it is Hillary Vs Kamala at the convention. Guess who wins to face Trump – DUH – Hillary Vs Trump…. who wants to bet? – Mal 🔥🔥

BREAKING: Joe Biden Drops Out Of 2024 Race, Endorses Vice President Kamala Harris – American Tribune

Right on Cue: Clintons Endorse Kamala Harris After Joe Biden Drops Out of 2024 Race – Gateway Pundit

Video: The Obamas Do Not Endorse Kamala Harris – All the Details – Defiant America

Treasonous Mockingbird Media Axis Moves To Install Hillary Clinton – Washington Standard

Don Surber’s Highlights of the Tweets – AFNN

Richard Simmons’ Final Social Media Message Shared Posthumously at Age 76 – Whatfinger

NYC store owner fears business ‘won’t survive’ rampant shoplifting that has occurred since start of migrant crisis – New York Post

All My Children Star Esta TerBlanche Dies at 51 – Whatfinger

ICYMI: Trump was ridiculed by the media earlier this month when a hidden video camera captured him saying he beat Biden so badly in the debate that Kamala Harris would be replacing him. Today, that became a reality. “How did I do with the debate the other night? Kicked that – 2 min clip

Circuit Court: Men Dressed as Women, Performing for Minors Is Not Protected ‘Speech’ – Granite Grok

Digital Avatars of Deceased Loved Ones Raise Ethical Questions in China – Whatfinger

Donald Trump Responds to Biden Leaving the Race – Independent Sentinel

Secret Service, A Possible 2nd Shooter & A Shadowy ATF Agent? – Sen. Ron Johnson [VIDEO] – RVM News

Another Dem Nightmare Come True – AFP

Israel Strikes Yemen for the First Time Following Houthi Drone Attack on Tel Aviv – Whatfinger

Second Shooter | John Cullen (TPC #1,531) – Rumble Vid

NEW: Maria Bartiromo says a mystery man in a gray suit climbed on top of the structure where Crooks had shot from to apparently confirm Crooks’ de*th, told police to send the photos to the ATF. – 2 mins 2 sec clip

72-Year-Old Man Kills Grizzly Bear in Self-Defense During Huckleberry Picking in Montana – Whatfinger

Kamala Harris Announces That She Is Seeking The Democrat Nomination “I am honored to have the President’s endorsement and my intention is to earn and win this nomination.” – Legal Insurrection

Trump Discusses Failed Assassination Attempt in Interview with Jesse Watters – Whatfinger

Hillary Clinton Rumored to Be the ‘REAL’ Biden Replacement as Media Pushes Kamala Harris – Daily Fetched

Liberals go into MELTDOWN: Democrat Senator Chris Coons sobs live on-air, CNN’s Van Jones weeps and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is speechless as Biden drops out of presidential race – Daily Mail

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