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Ukraine President Zelensky condemns ‘heinous’ Trump assassination attempt in phone call with ex-prez. Trump said he had a good call with him – New York Post

Houston lawmaker, US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, has died at 74 – ABC 13

Jake Paul SHOVES Mike Perry and sparks on-stage brawl as weigh-in ahead of boxing showdown descends into chaos | Daily Mail

Winklevoss Twins Continue Crypto Donation Spree With Another $1,000,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) – Daily Hodl

Trump Gunman Flew Drone Over Rally Site Hours Before Attempted Assassination – Wall Street Journal – no paywall

VP Kamala Harris and Democratic donors discuss ‘urgent, emerging needs’ in the race, with Biden campaign in crisis – CNBC

Zuckerberg Commends Trump’s Resilience, Steps Back from Political Endorsement – Whatfinger 🤔

These Are America’s ‘Most Trustworthy’ News Organizations In 2024 ZeroHedge

Biden’s Family Discusses Possible Campaign Exit Amid Growing Pressure – Whatfinger

Biden losing it with Pelosi – Pissed off! Biden faces fresh wave of Democratic defections as campaign tries to press forward – CNN 👇

Opinion: Even Trump Shooter Thomas Crooks Had a Drone. Why Didn’t the Secret Service? – Yahoo News

14 Illegal Aliens Charged With Child Sex Crimes in Dallas – Dallas Express

Mothers Blame China, Cartels for Using Fentanyl to Wage War on US Families – Epoch Times

Armie Hammer Denies Cannibalism Allegations in Piers Morgan Interview – Whatfinger 🤔

Education Department to pause student loan payments for millions amid legal battle – CNBC

Google Raises Minimum Quality Standards for Play Store Apps – Whatfinger

Tulsi Gabbard Absolutely Savages Kamala Harris for Questioning JD Vance’s Loyalty to Our Country (VIDEO) -Gateway Pundit

Central Bankers Frontrunning Dollar Collapse & Buying Gold, Khazarian Takedown w/ Andy Schectman –Sarah Westall

Netanyahu’s Historic Speech to Congress Amid High-Stakes Hostage Negotiations – N.A.P.

BREAKING: Massive Fire Engulfs Dallas Area Church Led by Trump Supporter Pastor Robert Jeffress (VIDEO) –Gateway Pundit

Liberals Use Firefighter Killed By Trump Shooter To Score Points, Backfires Bigly [VIDEOS] -RVM News

Biden Stopped from Buying More Votes with Tax Dollars -Independent Sentinel 🤔

Zelenskyy: ‘We Need Answers’ If Trump Wins –Pacific Pundit

Trump Shares Harrowing Details of Assassination Attempt at RNC Address – Whatfinger 

The Elephant In The Room – Montana Sentinel 🤔

Costco’s Readywise Emergency Food Bucket – Essential Survival Gear for an Uncertain Future – Whatfinger 🤔

Microsoft Reportedly Lays Off DEI Team with a Brutal Message –Gateway Pundit

Secret Service failures during assassination attempt similar to those in hidden Jan. 6 report, sources say -The Blaze

My Message Today to Donald Trump –The Post Email

Gold Star Families Stir Deep Emotions at Republican National Convention – Whatfinger

Global IT meltdown show perils of cashless society with almost half of Britons now leaving the house with only their phones as a means of payment –Daily Mail

Update: CrowdStrike’s Global IT Outage Affected Much More Than Airline Travel -Red State

Trump Takes Sides in Tucker/Fox Feud with VP Selection -Headline USA

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